Questions? We have answers.

So….what is Semy?

Skip lines by ordering ahead from your favorite coffee shops, juiceries, and bars. Send your friends and family drinks from afar (the ideal present when you can’t be present). And coming soon, use the app to aggregate all your loyalty points. Plus, there’s a fun social element to it, which makes sending the drinks that much more fun.

Tell me more about this social part.

Think of it as Venmo meets Snapchat, with a dash of Facebook. For every drink you send, you can send it off with a video. Can’t make the bachelorette party? Make sure the bride gets a bottle of her favorite bubbly sent to her table, and a video of you sending your regards. She then can send you a video reply, so everyone can feel all the love. And you’ll be able to see this same activity from your friends, via your feed.

How do I get my drink?

The app will notify you that you received a gift (treat yo self) once the transaction is complete. From there, just head to the shop, open your app, click redeem, show the merchant, and enjoy.

How will my friend know she’s received a drink from me?

If she’s opted to receive mobile notifications, she’ll be notified that way. If not, she’ll be notified within the app that she has a drink ready for redemption.

How does she go about picking up her gift?

She can walk into the shop and show them her que within the app. The merchant will take it from there.

How can I get my favorite merchant to sign up?

If you don’t see your favorite spot listed, please tell them about us. They can (and should!) visit the Retailers page of our site, and contact us to get them up and running.

Who can see my activity?

We allow you to protect your operations on the app, so make your transactions public or private—it’s your call. Please also see our privacy policy.

What’s it gonna cost me?

Semy tacks on a small fee (typically less than $1 per drink) for each transaction. This fee is shown in your receipt.


Here’s the fine print: Our transactional revenue model takes a small fee from the user for each purchase (inclusive of tip where applicable), as well as a percentage of merchant revenue for each item sold. Our subscription model charges merchants monthly or annually for different technologies offered through our platform.

When will the digital rewards be available?

Coming soon, we promise! We’re aiming for a fall launch.

Is it only available on iPhone?

For now, yes. But Android users, it’s in the works!

Do you take debit cards?

Sorry, credit cards only for now.