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Become a Semy Merchant.

Become a Semy Partner.

Turn Every Customer
into an Ambassador.

Semy makes it easy for you to send your most popular goods and services to customers. Reward repeat customers. Win new ones with creative gifts.

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Semy is a first-of-its-kind gifting app that enables:

   friend-to-friend digital gifting

   business-to-consumer incentives

   sponsored goods & services

What's so Special
about a Semy?

A Semy is what happens when social media (think Instagram and TikTok) meets eCommerce.

The app makes it easy for merchants to send popular goods and services with creative campaign messaging.

Whether you're thanking your loyal customers or enticing new ones, Semy is sure to delight.

Gone are the days of gift cards. Send them the real deal.

Semy Vodka Gift
Semy Vodka Gift

Three Ways to Send a Semy.


Customer → Customer:

Users can send your hero items to friends & family via Instagram-style messages with Semy.


SMB → User:

You can send your items, branded gifts, promos, or other exclusive incentives directly to customers.


Brand → User → SMB:

Your partners & suppliers can send hero items to boost brand awareness, consideration and trial.

Empower Your Top Customers.

Your customers already rave about you. Now they can do something about it.

When you join the Semy platform, app users can send your best-selling items to their friends and family.

→ “This is launched!”
→ “Let’s get together.”
→ “You must try this.”
→ “Thinking of you.”
→ “Missing you.”
→ “Let’s celebrate!”

Semy Incentivizing.

Ditch the gift cards.
Send the real thing.

From the desktop platform, Semy enables you to send hero items, branded gifts, promotions, or other exclusive invites directly to your customers via social-media-style photos and videos.

Semy is a new channel to engage with your current customers and be found by new ones.

Sponsored Semys.

Get your partners involved.

What’s more, Semy enables your partners and vendors to send their goods and services to your customers driving awareness, consideration and trial for them, and new business for you.

Talk about a win-win for everyone.

Semy Couldn't
Be Easier.

We understand our partners are strapped for time and resources.

So we've designed Semy to be simple and straight-forward.

There's no extra technology to install, and training takes less than five minutes.

You'll get a dedicated account manager to ensure you get up and running on the platform with ease.

Sign up today. Start sending in no time.

Get 3 Free Customized Semys.

Semy is quickly adding merchants to our network across the United States.

Apply today and we'll follow up with three complimentary Semys, designed exclusively for your business.


When you can't say it with words,
send a Semy.

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