Amplify your business.

Semy helps merchants build their businesses by creating a community of loyal, engaged customers. Because when you give people what they want—enabling them to order ahead, send each other gifts, and aggregate all their loyalty points, digitally—your establishment becomes their go-to.  Get started today!

Easy. Fast.

Here’s what Semy brings to your table:

  • Streamlined, simple to use payment process.
  • More orders at increased speed—just a couple taps on the screen.
  • Tips built into the platform = more $ for your employees.
  • Improved workflow during the morning rush or happy hour.
  • Receive orders (and payment) when your doors are closed.
  • Display a full menu and promotions to drive sales of specific items.
  • Reduced transaction costs.
  • Unique branding and marketing opportunities.
  • Be seen by new eyes and become a community staple.
Semy Merchant Tablet

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