Gifting, Evolved.

Gifting, Evolved.

When Words Won't Cut it. Send a Semy.

Ready to send your first Semy?

Browse merchants near you, from restaurants & bars to coffee shops & online stores. Choose a friend (or two) to send a memorable gift from your favorite spot.

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Ditch the Gift Cards.
Send the Real Thing.

Semy for Housewarming

What Makes a
Semy so Special?

What Makes a
Semy so Special?

Semy allows users and merchants to digitally share real gifts with a personal touch. Make someone's day with a thoughtful message, let them know you're thinking about them, celebrate a special occasion, or share something you just discovered.

Easily gift your favorite food, drinks, experiences, cosmetics, and classes.

...But that's only half of it.

Semy for Housewarming

Get as Much
as You Give.

When you set up a Semy profile, your favorite bars, restaurants, retailers and health & wellness brands can send YOU Semys of their latest and greatest items.

Sometimes it's nice to get showered with a little love when you least expect it.

Sending a Semy is Simple.

Sending a
Semy is Simple.

1. Download the App.

Semy is live on the App Store & Google Play Store. Registering is quick and easy. Download the app and enter your mobile number to get started.

From there, you'll be able to find friends on Semy. Don't see them on the app? No worries. They can still receive your gift via text.

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2. Choose a Semy.

Start by selecting a friend and then choose an item from your favorite restaurant, retailer, or health & wellness company.

Each merchant offers a curated selection of their crowd-pleasing favorites or best-selling services that are ready to send now.

Choose a Semy

3. Add Your Personal Touch.

This is where the fun begins.

When it comes to designing your Semy, the only limitation is your imagination. Snap a photo or upload one from your phone. Craft a heartfelt video message. Or add a GIF only the two of you will get.

Send any message you like with Semy. Just don't make it boring. And don't worry, we provide plenty of inspiration.

4. Hit Send.

Anyone with a mobile number can receive a Semy.

If they have the app, they'll get a notification inviting them to view your Semy. If not, they'll receive a text inviting them to accept the gift.

Semys never expire. And they always make an impression.

Send a Semy
Send a Semy Personalized

Semy FAQs

Semy is a gifting platform that allows you to send personalized items from your favorite spots to friends, family, and beyond. 

Whether you’re sending a gift for a special moment you can’t be present for or to let someone know you’re thinking of them, Semy makes gift giving fun and memorable. Plus, there’s a social element to it – allowing you to let your creative side shine with video and custom images.

Local business owners in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI use Semy to send promotional gifts to their customers. Semy is ideal for coffee shops, restaurants and bars, boutiques, and ecommerce stores.

Need a little inspiration? See how businesses are using Semy to attract new customers, award their loyal ones, and re-engage their subscribers.

A Semy is what happens when social media (think Instagram and TikTok) meets eCommerce.

For every gift you send, you can send it off with a video or custom artwork. Can’t make the bachelorette party? Make sure the bride gets a bottle of her favorite bubbly sent to her table, and a video of you sending your regards. She then can send you a video reply, so everyone can feel all the love. And you’ll be able to see this same activity from your friends, via your feed.

If your friend chooses an item from the menu or place of business outside of what you sent, no worries! They can still redeem the amount of your Semy that you sent from their final bill.

If your friend has opted to receive mobile notifications, she’ll be notified that way. If not, she’ll be notified within the app that she has a gift ready for redemption.

They can walk into the place of business and show them their QR code within the app. The merchant will take it from there.

If you don’t see your favorite spot listed, feel free to submit it as a referral. We’ll reach out directly. Once the local business becomes a Semy Merchant, we’ll pay you the referral fee!

Similar to Venmo, we allow you to protect your operations on the app. You can make your transactions public or private—it’s your call. Please also see our privacy policy.

Semy adds a small percentage fee to each purchase in the app, which includes your credit card transaction fees and all of the support to maintain Semy. This fee is shown on your checkout screen before you complete a purchase.

Semy is available to iPhone and Android users via Google Play and the App Store. Merchants and sponsors can also access their business metrics through a desktop version of the application.

We accept transactions through credit and debit cards.

You can request your account to be deleted on this page.

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