Become a Semy Sponsor

Become a Semy Sponsor

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Drive business to your partners and reach your consumers like never before.

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What's Semy?

Semy is a first-of-its-kind social eCommerce platform that enables:

   friend-to-friend social gifting

   partner-provided incentives

   brand-sponsored gifting of posh goods and services.

Semy Vodka Gift

What's so Special
about a Semy?

A Semy is what happens when social media (think Instagram and Tik-Tok) meets eCommerce.

The Semy platform enables posh SMBs and their partners to send their best-selling items to their customers through engaging campaigns.

It's mobile, social, eCommerce and video, all rolled into one.

Semy Vodka Gift

How Do Sponsored Semys Work?

1. Register on the Semy Platform.

Semy is live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Registering your business is quick and easy. It only requires a mobile number to get started.

2. Pick A Partner.

As a Semy merchant, you can choose your partner (or partners) that you'll team up with. For instance, as a coffee shop, you can include your coffee roaster to send dual campaigns.

3. Develop Your Campaign.

Here comes the fun part. With Semy, the only limitation is your imagination.

Use your campaign to engage with current customers, and be found by new ones.

4. Hit Send and Track the Results.

Once your campaign is in good shape, hit send and keep track of the results through the Semy platform.

Keep score of the total number of promotions send, redeemed, and income generated.

Semy Makes Partnerships a Breeze.

We've designed Semy to be simple and seamless.

When you run a campaign, we'll also get your partners up to speed in a flash. There's no extra technology to install for them and training can be done in under five minutes.

You'll get a dedicated account manager to ensure the success of the overall campaign.

Sign up today. Start sending in no time.

Get 3 Free Customized Semys.

Semy is quickly adding merchants to our network across the United States.

Apply today and we'll follow up with three complimentary Semys, designed exclusively for your business.

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