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Getting Started with Semy is Easy.

Let's get you set up for success and telling your story with Semy in less than two weeks.


Book Your 30-Minute Onboarding Call
with a Semy Customer Success Manager

First things first, book an onboarding call with your dedicated customer success manager who will provide you with a demo of the platform and walk you through each of the steps below.

Important Note: Please book this call in the next 1-3 days to stay on track with your launch schedule and invite anyone from your team who will regularly use the Semy platform (typically marketing, social media, etc.).

Identify Your Semy Signature Items

The Semy app will feature 3 to 7 of your most popular items for digital gifting and campaign redemption. These signature items are typically your most popular or most requested items.

For each item, you’ll need a short title, description, price, and a high-resolution photo.

For your initial profile setup, you can submit these items using the form below or have them ready for your onboarding call, and your Semy success manager will help you upload them. Once you’re live on Semy, you’ll be able to add and swap these items within the platform as often as you like.

Group 15@21x

3-7 Menu Items

Group 17@21x

Descriptions & Prices

Photos of the Items

Semy Platform Overview

Your Semy customer success manager will provide you with an overview of the Semy platform.

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Prepare for your Your First Semy Campaign

If you've chosen to sign up for the full Semy platform, the Semy team will custom design your first few campaigns and help you push them live.

Before your onboarding call, think about 1 to 3 campaigns you'd like to run in your first 60 days. Campaigns and promotions can be anything from discounts to free items to highlight a special your running.

Campaign Tip #1

Keep your campaign and promotion simple.

Campaign Tip #2

Consider targeting unique campaigns to various segments of your customer base. for instance, upsell current customers or increase repeat visits from lapsed customers

Ready Your Phone List

All Semy campaigns are sent directly to your customers' mobile phones.

You'll need a list of numbers prior to running your first campaign. During your onboarding call, your success manager will show you how to upload.

Train Your Staff in Under 10 Minutes

Once you’re set to launch your first campaign, you’ll need to be sure your staff and team members are prepared and ready to redeem Semys.

In short, customers will present a unique code for each Semy, and once verified, your staff will redeem Semys in your POS the same way you redeem any other promotion, coupon, or special.

To support you in your training efforts, below is an employee training document you can send to staff members or print and post at your locations.

Access Your Dashboard.

Once your account is ready to review, you’ll receive a link from your customer success manager to log into the platform.

Within Semy, you can add team members, send campaigns, manage phone numbers, change your siganture items, track your metrics, and more.

Once you approve your profile, we’ll push it live.


You’re live on Semy.

Once your profile is live, we’ll let the world know your digital items are reading for digital gifting.

In addition to running Semy campaigns, our most successful merchants spread the work through their social media profiles, on-premise activation, and co-promotion through other campaigns and specials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the promotion, number of engaged contacts you send to, and readiness of your staff to redeem the Semys for customers, you can expect a healthy return on your monthly investment. Once you develop your first campaign with your customer success manager, we will be able to give you a clearer percentage range to expect back.

We’ve found the best way to train staff on redeeming Semys for customers is to build it into your new hire training. For those that are already a part of your team, you can direct them to this video on what to expect.

We generally recommend you take the same steps that you normally would as you do in your day-to-day operations. For example, you can redeem the offer and provide another item of the same value, or redeem the offer and use it as a credit toward the bill.

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